Have you considered choosing an alternative ceremony when celebrating the naming of your child?

A child’s name can be chosen for a variety of reasons. Maybe after a much loved relative or ancestor, maybe to reflect the season or location of birth or as in most cases because you as parents simply love the name/s. Whatever the reason, a naming ceremony will publicly acknowledge the arrival of you child and the formal ‘giving’ of a name or names in front of family and friends.

Some families still decide to formally name their child at a religious christening service in their chosen church. But this may not suit all families, because some choose not to follow a religion you may not realise there is an alternative.

Hampshire’s Celebrants are skilled at creating and delivering personal and bespoke naming ceremonies that truly reflect your role and hopes as parents and your aspirations after the arrival of your adored baby.

Naming ceremonies can also be a beautiful way of bringing new families together where maybe they take a step parent surname or there has been a much longed for adoption.

The ceremony can be informal or formal and could include additional elements such as the lighting of a candle or the involvement of brothers and sisters.
The adults chosen to be supporting adults can be given a title of your choice as long as it reflects that special role you wish them to have in your child’s life.
I have heard the titles of Guide Parents, Supporting Adults, Sponsors and even ‘Odd’ Parents.

Whatever you choose,  a ceremony can include promises made to your child by those specially chosen people and a public declaration of their commitment to undertake that role.

The ceremony can be serious, light-hearted, meaningful and fun. It can be held at a location of your choosing
The choice is yours.

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