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Pet Ceremonies

As a pet lover, I have first-hand experience at how attached we become to our pets and what feelings of loss we experience when their lives end. They are such an important part of our families that we often mourn them in very similar ways as our human family members who pass.

Whether it is a cat or dog, pet rabbit or a horse, our pets bring us enormous joy and deserve recognition of their life with our families.

If you would like to acknowledge the passing of your beloved pet, whether it is a burial or scattering of ashes or interment ceremony of your personal choice we can design and deliver a ceremony that really reflects the joy your pet gave you and your family. Also to formally recognise their passing but celebrate that very special relationship.

Please contact me to discuss your wishes and I will ensure the perfect ceremony to reflect your special relationship with your pet and how he or she enriched your life. Feel free to contact me on the form below to discuss your plans and how I might help.

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