We all have different views and hopes on life after death. Your philosophy of what happens after we end our physical presence on earth is personal to you and should be respected.

Some of us will choose the traditional burial in a churchyard or local cemetery, others will choose cremation followed by interment of ashes as for a burial; or maybe scattering of the ashes in a favourite or memorable place.

A few of us will remain in urns at pride of place in our loved one’s lounge or hidden in a wardrobe for many years. That is OK too.

There are no rules.

Many people are now choosing to go back to nature and opt for a natural burial or a natural interment or scattering of ashes following cremation. There are an increasing number of natural burial locations throughout the UK where we can be laid to rest in a meadow or woodland area which will be marked only by a simple plaque. These can offer more beautiful and tranquil resting places.

The ground is left to grow naturally and may be tended only when necessary. Family and friends can still visit to remember their loved one in these most beautiful settings. It is believed that natural burials have a reduced impact on the environment. Sites may be mown wild flower meadows, new woodland being established, existing woodland or more manicured parkland settings.

What is permitted at the natural burial sites vary. Some allow more distinctive plot makings, some are left with no tending and allow no marking of the plot.

Many local authorities are now setting aside parts of municipal cemeteries as ‘green’ or ‘woodland’ burial areas, providing valuable local choice.

It’s your decision but ensure to let your loved ones know your choices before it’s too late.

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