This unusual prolonged spell of hot weather has had a direct impact on this year’s Summer weddings. Where there was beautiful scenery there is now parched grass and lacklustre flowers and pasture.
Luckily the English landscape remains beautiful in all conditions. But what about you and your guests on the day?

I had the honour of officiating at a beautiful outdoor wedding last week but whilst part of the wedding party was in shade (the bride and bridesmaids) myself, the groom, best man and ring bearer were in full sun as were the all of the guests. It was 34 degrees with not a cloud in the sky.

Here are some tips for weddings in the sun:

  • Have a discussion with the venue in advance about what their hot weather plan is.
  • Try and get them to provide at least some shade using parasols or a gazebo type roof over the seating area.
  • Check out the availability of umbrellas if no parasols are available.
  • Ensure the bridal party applies good sun protection before getting dressed.
  • Have a cool box in the shade with supplies of cold water in case anyone is affected by the heat or maybe even ice creams. That will be popular!
  • Ensure the Celebrant has a glass of water handy.
  • Look after any elderly guests and small children who can be more vulnerable in the heat.
  • Check out the option of providing electric fans discreetly to help keep the bridal party cool.
  • Above all,  enjoy the hot sunny weather but stay safe too.

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