Traditionally, weddings in the UK were either held in a religious venue or a register office. No choice, no personalisation and definitely formal!

However, times have changed and couples can have pretty much the ceremony of their choice. If you prefer not to have a religious ceremony and don’t want the ‘set piece’ style of ceremony offered by the Registrars service then the world is truly your oyster if you choose a celebrant to lead your ceremony.

The only limiting factor is your imagination.

So, to get you thinking, here a are few ideas and examples for an alternative venue (and style) for your Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony ….

  • Your family home or gardens
  • A favourite woodland area
  • The location of your first date
  • A hotel (whether licensed for legal weddings or not)
  • Sunny destination abroad (or how about a winter wonderland?)
  • A castle or similar grand building
  • Theme Park(s)
  • Day time, evening and even midnight if that’s what you want!
  • Or even a themed wedding encompassing all your favourite hobbies, characters or maybe an era, colour or activity … it’s your day and your way.  If humour is your choice, we will embrace that too!

As you can imagine, YOUR options for locations and themes can be endless and timeless depending upon your preferences, lifestyles and interests too. We recently conducted a bikers ceremony with bikes, leathers and all!

All you need to do in order to have a Celebrant led Ceremony is to have the legal bit covered with a short ceremony at the Register office beforehand. This can be achieved with just 2 witnesses and should cost no more than £130. Some register offices don’t advertise this service and may try to convince you that you have to have a full ceremony costing a lot more.

Don’t be put off….

By law that short ‘Statutory Declaration’ service to register a marriage must be made available to couples. There are usually limited ‘slots’ for those ceremonies so it may be on a Tuesday morning or a Thursday afternoon. However, once that is done you can concentrate on having the wedding ceremony of your dreams, in front of friends and family on a day and at a location of your own choosing.

Returning to Nature

At Hampshire’s Celebrants we pride ourselves on making your day very personal and special for you. If that means dressing up as Chewbacca for a Star Wars themed wedding then that is what we do!

So what will you chose?

We look forward to helping you create YOUR perfect ceremony!

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