I am often asked, what is a Celebrant?

A celebrant can be who you need them to be and do almost anything you would like them to do at all types of family events.

These could include:

  • Unique and personalised wedding ceremonies (excluding the legal element, but more about that later)
  • Baby Naming ceremonies where families want an alternative to a religious Christening service, and in a place of their choice.
  • Special and truly personal Funeral services whether at a Crematorium, Graveside, Natural Burial ground, scattering or interment of ashes or a memorial service.. you choose!
  • Vow renewals at a place special to you both or a venue you love.
  • Other special occasions such as special birthdays, graduation parties or important anniversaries in life.

So, today let’s talk about those different wedding ceremonies you can have. 

Nowadays couples like to have a greater choice about the most important day in their lives. Some still prefer the tradition of a church ceremony reflecting their faith and beliefs.

However, increasingly I find that couples want their wedding ceremony to be truly bespoke and personal and at a place of their choice. Some couples may opt for a quick 10-minute legal ceremony at a register office with just two witnesses or an extended legal ceremony at the register office with more guests present.

Both are subject to the limitations on content prescribed under UK marriage law. Examples include no alcohol, a time limit and no actual included or inference to any religion.

There is also the option of a legal ceremony with registrars at a legally licensed premises such as a hotel or other building subject to the same restrictions as at the register office.

Or maybe your choice would be a ‘Destination Wedding’  at a location all over the world whether on a Caribbean beach or a French Chateau.

So why would you choose a Celebrant led wedding?

Well, to be honest almost anything goes. Firstly, a Celebrant led wedding can take place anywhere, that has meaning for you:

Examples include but are not limited to…..

  • A hotel (whether licensed or not)
  • Your back garden
  • A favourite beach
  • A woodland or forest that has meaning
  • Village Hall
  • Stately House
  • Farmers field
  • Sports Club
  • On a barge or boat
  • Let your imagination guide you ….

The options are endless but permission may need to be sought from some land or property owners first.

Basically a Celebrant ceremony is where and how YOU want it, your way!

You will need to undertake at least the legal minimum legal registration of your marriage usually a few days or weeks before. This could simply be the 10 minute ceremony at the register office.

Then your Celebrant led ceremony can be created to be and include exactly what you would like that tells your love story.

I work closely with my couples, getting to know you and learning about what brought you together, what makes you tick, how you fell in love and even how you resolve any differences.

Any music choices, readings, poems can be included and as an Independent Celebrant I am also happy to include religious references or prayers and special hymns if desired. Your wedding is about you as a couple. My job is to make your day unique and special and more importantly, like no other.

Poems can be funny, romantic, serious or reflective. Songs can be your own special romantic songs or maybe a song that reflects your interests or hobbies or lifestyle.

The ceremony can include personal vows written by you to each other, exchange of rings plus added elements such as a handfasting, a unity candle or a sand ceremony. Sand ceremonies can be truly beautiful where families are blending and children are included within the ceremony.

Maybe you would want a themed wedding. Why not?

I will be dressing up at one of my weddings in June this year with a steampunk theme. The ceremony is being held in the large rear garden of their farm property with live music along with all sorts of steam punk effects.

Remember it is your ceremony, It is your choice!

So, How can I help you make your day unique?

Call me now on 07971 257 201 and let’s talk!

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